Believe it or not, there was a time in American history where there wasn’t a gym on every corner. Market saturation in the fitness training space is very real, and while we at Fit For Life in Grove City have been thrilled to watch national culture shift towards healthier living over the last decade, we worry about the quality of services offered by a lot of the gyms out there.


Now, Fit For Life in Grove City isn’t just any gym, we’re a locally owned, certified CrossFit gym that offers Boot Camps, CrossFit, and CrossFit Shred classes. Our certified CrossFit coaches are a dedicated team of fitness professionals who manage to help our clients achieve their goals while also building a caring, engaged community of athletes in the gym.


In today’s blog from Fit For Life in Grove Town, we’re going to discuss seven things to look for when you’re choosing your next CrossFit gym. Of course, if you’re local, then stop by and meet our team, or sign up today online and get two free classes.

Goal Setting

When you’re first getting started at a gym, one of the most important discussions to have with your new CrossFit coaches is the one about your goals. In truth, this ought to be something that is brought up as a part of your onboarding process, and it should even be talked about during a consultation. If the gym you’re looking at doesn’t care about your goals, you can skip the treadmill and just jog away instead.

Quality Assessments

During your first couple of sessions at a gym, make sure to pay attention and see if coaches are providing individualized attention for adjustments on mechanics, body motion, posture, and breathing. Do they ask clients about pain or discomfort? Sometimes, you can even manage to spot these coaching moments taking place while you’re on a walkthrough of the gym. Either way, you want to know that coaches are providing quality feedback to their clients.

Structured Workouts

Complete transparency: it’s really not that hard to post a WOD — workout of the day — to keep things interesting for your clients. What is a lot tougher is designing a regimen that coherently engages the body safely and effectively, day in and day out, as a part of a larger, structured fitness program. The connections in your workout plan should be moderately apparent, and not just seem like a random mixture of exercises for you to accomplish before leaving.

Personal Contact

CrossFit is about so much more than just exercising. It’s about empowerment, health, dynamism, and self-determination.  It also about support, motivation, community, and celebration. A really good CrossFit gym should be there for you outside of classes. Coaches should check-in via emails, or texts to make sure that you’re doing well, keeping up on things, and getting your questions answered quickly. Make sure to ask about their coaching support outside of the physical building.

Experienced Coaches

The human body is a complex organic-machine. Understanding it takes time, commitment, and a lot of hard work. That’s why when you’re selecting the right CrossFit gym, for you, you want to make sure that the coaches leading your CrossFit classes are experienced veterans. Make sure to ask about their work history in the fitness industry, their credentials, and how long they’ve been involved with CrossFit. 

Order and Tidiness

When you walk in the doors to your next CrossFit gym, you should quickly notice how organized, clean, and tidy the space is. Typically, equipment that is not being used should be neatly put away or be getting cleaned. This is more important than you might think because as we mentioned before, CrossFit is about structure and community. These important pillars of what we are are both represented in everyone’s show of respect for the space that we share to workout.

A Sense of Satisfaction

Finally, you should enjoy your CrossFit gym. The coaches, the people, and the general feel should be something that although you may not always look forward to ahead of time, you always feel good about having accomplished when it’s done. If you don’t, chances are good it has a lot more to do with your gym than with you.

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