Are you looking for your new CrossFit gym in Worthington? No, are you looking for your new CrossFit family? Fit For Life is the only choice for you then. Our CrossFit gyms are the best in Worthington, with highly trained coaches and a commitment to family.

Our Coaches

Our coaches are the top in the CrossFit field, covering a wide range of expertise and certifications. No matter what kind of CrossFit workout you’re looking at building for your lifestyle, you will find a coach to lead you to better health and a happier body. Whether you’re a beginner, looking to jump back into CrossFit, or you’ve been searching for a new gym to call home, you won’t find anywhere better than Fit For Life and our team.

Our Family

Why do we do what we do? Because we want you at your best. Using CrossFit as a workout targets a wide number of symptoms commonly found in people, like reducing the risk of diabetes and burning unwanted body fat. Crossfit also helps promote higher energy levels and combatting depression. That said, just because a workout can make you feel better, doesn’t mean it will work right away. It’s not just about losing that weight, it’s about making a choice to be healthy as a whole and that needs commitment and support. That’s why, when you come to Fit For Life, you’re joining a family, and families keep us going until we achieve our goals. 

We believe that most people lose sight of their workout goals because they don’t have a support team behind them. That’s the real risk of working out at home where you’re the only one holding yourself to a standard. Working at  Fit For Life gives you a bar to meet each day, and a real person to edge you to a higher one as you grow stronger through your workout routine. That’s why we call ourselves a family at Fit For Life. If you’re going to commit to CrossFit, then the best way to push on is with a strong community behind you to keep you going. Join our family today!

Our Goals

If you’re just starting your workout goals, then we’ll coach you through the process of getting your body in shape. Fit For Life is here to make sure that when you learn new workout techniques you’re not just learning the movement, but you’re learning it the way that will help you and not overextend your body. Other gyms will leave you with bad form built into your routine which can undo all of your hard work. We’re here to build solid workouts that will help you in the long run, not leave you with another problem down the line.


Ready to start your CrossFit journey? With locations in Grove City, Carroll, and Worthington, you’ll always find a Fit For Life gym a short drive away. We can’t wait to see you at Fit For Life. Sign up today to get a free two class pass, review our classes, or contact us to get started.