You (Probably) Have Time To Workout

Wanting to workout is the first step to actually doing it. If you already have “start going to the gym” on your list of New Year’s resolutions, you’ve conquered one milestone already! Now comes the real work. If you’re not sure how to fit fitness into your daily life, today’s blog post from CrossFit Outerbelt is here to break down the steps you can take to include physical activity into your day, before your planner gets packed after January.

Perform A Daily Schedule Audit

Every day is different, and some days include surprises — good and bad — that prevent us from sticking to our usual routines. For the purpose of this tip, mentally walk through a typical day and list out the activities you complete. Don’t be shy, include any time you spend scrolling on your phone (using Screentime for iPhone or a similar app) or watching Netflix. This isn’t meant to be a shame session — identifying how you actually spend your time can be extremely helpful in realizing how many moments you can repurpose into something more productive (i.e. working out).

Block Time-Wasting Habits And Rework Inefficient Routines

New Year’s Day is the perfect time to switch up your habits and routines! There are a few obvious places to start when it comes to recapturing your time and using it for workouts. If your schedule audit revealed that you spend a lot of time on your phone using apps or browsing the internet without an explicit purpose, try implementing limits or complete blocks on the time-sucking apps and sites. For movie and TV show services, choose a few of your favorites and watch them only on specific days, one episode of one show (or one movie) per day — just like it used to be!

If you find that your lost time results from long routines or a lack of routines, rework your day to make it as efficient as possible. Lay out clothes, pack a lunch, and complete as many tasks as possible the night before. Do chores in small bursts rather than letting everything pile up, or set aside an official chore day(s) for specific tasks. Even organizing your home or apartment can make your day more efficient. If you’re like most people, completing these steps and limiting distracting activities should free up plenty of time for a workout.

Add Working Out To Your Schedule

Sometimes all it takes is making time on paper (or in your phone) to make time in real life. Write down your workout schedule in your usual planner, or make it the reason you start using a planner! Strive to treat it as something you can’t skip, like a doctor’s appointment. When working out becomes a priority, you’ll have an easier time committing. Each time you complete a workout, you’ll be one step closer to solidifying it as a habit!

Sign Up For A Fitness Class

Take your New Year’s commitment to the next level by signing up for fitness classes! If it can fit into your budget, this is a great workout option that intensifies the “gotta do it” mindset. After all, you’ll probably have a harder time ditching your workout if you’re paying for it. Our CrossFit gyms in Outerbelt and Grove City offer memberships that include unlimited classes, bootcamps, and 24-hour gym access so you can get the best of both worlds. An additional benefit to joining a gym with fitness classes is the social opportunities! When you show up to class consistently, you’re more likely to make friends, which, in turn, makes it much easier to keep coming to class!

Join Our CrossFit Gym And Make Time For Your Health And Wellness

Once you’ve gained an extra hour in your day — or even just every other day — use it to your advantage by joining one of our CrossFit gym locations in Outerbelt or Grove City. If you’re new to CrossFit, don’t worry. Our instructors are ready to help you every step of the way. With workout design, progress tracking, and a supportive community to tie it all together, you’ll love getting fit with us. Visit our contact page, choose your prefered location, and select the free two-class pass to get started on your New Year’s fitness resolution!